Saturday, 4 January 2014

It's been long, very long

Certainly I did not have any plan to write this. Even few minutes before I write this, I was at Arseblog, one of those in my reading list, reading what he had to say about today before a crucial match against Sp**s. And then, well... I was considering closing all the tabs on Chrome and then having the last cigarette of the day before going to bed. But no. It turned out that I'm on this rarely-posted-little-tiny-blog and writing this with nothing to write really!

I must confess that there was a time when I was weighing up moving to Wordpress. Actually I renewed my hosting service and downloaded what is needed for using Wordpress. However for some reasons, I completely lost my motivation to do so and here I am! The owner of this forlorn blog!

I have absolutely no idea of where to start. So I prefer not to start at all.(eh?) I just hope you all are well. Very best of luck to everybody in 2014! So to me, surely.