Friday, 26 February 2010

middle of nowhere

As far as I can remember, this time around last year was a lot colder than this.

Spring, which I'm supposed to be (kind of) excited about, comes earlier than expected.

I feel like I'm still somewhere around cold-freezing-snowy winter, though.

Is it 'middle of nowhere'?


Anyhow, Starbucks was full of those who rushed to grab iced coffee and Frappuccino, while there was something going on MBC when everybody's attention was arrested to Yuna Kim's somewhat magical show.

I had, so to speak, one of the busiest day, in many ways.


gklee said...

Hi there! I really like your quote, "Pessimism of the spirit, optimism of the will" Nicely said!!

likethenina said...


Oh, actually that's not my word. It's Antonio Gramsci's one.
Nicely said, indeed!
Totally agreed.