Monday, 8 February 2010

iPod Classic

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I miss my iPod Classic.

iPhone is smart and neat, no doubt about it,
but still, I don't feel comfortable when I listen to music with iPhone.
It's just kind of feeling that I'm not used to do so.
To short, iPhone has got iPod-function in it, but obviously it's NOT iPod.

Perhaps I've been missing it since I sold it off so hastily.
There are hundreds of occasions which remind me of iPod Classic...
Which is sad enough.

I knew that I'm gonna miss it.


Kier Chu said...

wow nice memories!. i love you blog 101%. lol...

if you have time visit me ^^

Ill do gonna put you on my bloglist and of course ill follow you. hope you have to help me because i'm new in blogger :P jeez :P
Let us be friends? Thank you :p
kier here

T_T trying to adjust for my new BLOG

likethenina said...


Thank you for your comment!

Pleased that you found something interesting in my little-tiny-blog. :O

Oh, you're new to blog!
Then I've got to visit yours.

Hope you're well there.

TangMo_Archaeo said...

I like Ipod so much