Wednesday, 10 February 2010

At the Heart of the Empire

Like once I already mentioned on this blog in the past, I'm not a big fan of Starbucks.

Also I'm still feeling uncomfortable with the fact that USFK(United States Forces Korea) are occupying vast amounts of land in Korea.
(Those issues surrounding the debates on its justification or whatever people argue are another matter.)

And now, you know what...

I'm working at Starbucks, located just inside of Eighth U.S Army, in Yongsan.

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Sounds weird enough, kinda...?

I applied for this job, for this particular branch though, to tell the truth.

1. I was eager to learn how to make coffee,
2. thought I need to build my sociability more, (you know what it means to me)
3. and felt the progress had been rarely made on my English, especially speaking part of it.

As soon as my application was accepted, with all kinds of interviews and paper work things etc, I started working as a part-timer from last week.

So far, not too bad.
I cannot make a cup of coffee just yet, but I think I'm doing just OK. Reasonably acceptable. Not brilliant, but not disastrous, shall I say. Hundreds of thousand things to memorise, as it stands, that's the real worry for now though. Things will be all better as time goes, as it is, I hope.

One good thing about working at Starbucks anyway is that your money won't be spent. On the other hand, however, your labour force will be theirs resources.

Bearing in mind that, I'm just trying to get maximum of what I'm allowed to get. I've got a right to have two cup of coffee when I work, which I never miss. That's just a small part of it, anyway.

My thoughts on both organizations will remain unchanged, while I think it won't be a bad experience, will it?

Fingers crossed. :0

* Title is from one of my friend's quote:
"You're just at the heart of the empire."

Am I?


Yaisana Huidrom said...

hi i just saw u'r blog while scrolling to find something in the blooger list. And i follwed u without knowing anything abt .......
hope u won't mind..thanx

Brelly said...

good luck!

likethenina said...

Yaisana Huidrom//

Hi there:D
Of course not! Feel free to leave a comment whenever you want. That's what this whole blog-world is all about, isn't it?
Hope you're well!


Thanks! Actually, there's been an awful lot of luck on this whole madness of learning process at Starbucks so far, but not as much as rest of my life...
One big part is missing for me.

blog for steveLi said...

good news!i love this blog!

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