Sunday, 27 December 2009

Saying Goodbye

iPod Classic

WHO had been with me for over two years.

Just like a old friend.

I shared so many things with him, possibly more than anyone else.
He was always there, on the left side of my pocket, when I fumbled him.

I suspect I'm gonna miss him for some time.


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It's always sad to say goodbye.

But sometimes we must.


시니사군 said...

오래 쓰셨나 보군요.
제 아이팟도 어연 1년이 다 되갑니다.
변기에도 빠트리고...별 일이 많았음...

Anonymous said...

DAS LEBEN" 이 몹시 눈에 띄는군뇨-*ㅋ

likethenina said...

변기에 빠졌는데 살아 남았나보군요! 저도 참 별 일이 많았는데-
사람도 아닌 것이 흔적이 참 깊네요-_ -//
참! 어제 3-0 !!!

독일어를 할 줄 아시나봐요?!!
(저는 못합니다,,, 흠흠//)

Anonymous said...

앗, 그러고보니 저도 독일어못하는데 그냥 눈에 띄었을 뿐임니다. 흠흠//

likethenina said...

Du kannst doch Deutsch sprechen, oder?

Anonymous said...

'Keine Ahnung'

I don't understand gar nicht. Schade, hu?